Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moon now available in Google Earth

Google has launched an interactive 3D model of the Moon to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first lunar spacewalk.

Question now is do the current lunar images reflect the ones with the Airbrushed out objects? Well i think its likely they won't considering the long history of NASA filtering it's publically released images.

Lets hope google sticks to their moto "Don't be evil" and gives us an unedited view of the moon.
Some people say something is up here - google has a long and close business relationship with NASA - infact they caused controversy last year by getting preferential treatment by NASA in their private landing rights deal (so specifically what did NASA get in return for this multimillion dollar 'favor'? ...I'll let you join the dots here...) if you didn't know about this- read here.

Will leave it up you all to check the lunar images for yourself.
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markymint said...

Google maybe profiteer off NASA by deleting classified information :/ Not something we will know about until Google execs give interviews in 30 years like Air Force pilots do of UFOs nowadays :|

WaqyTaqy said...

Markymint is ryt....

WaqyTaqy said...

Markymint is ryt...

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