Monday, August 17, 2009

Barcelona World Exopolitics UFO Summit commentary by Project Camelot

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot introduce and moderate a wide-ranging discussion at the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit between the world's top Ufo speakers from left to right round the table, Paola Harris, Brian O'Leary, Bob Dean, Stephen Bassett, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Michael Salla, Alfred Webre, Nick Pope and Robert Fleischer.

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Anonymous said...

Do the aliens know that these are the few people on our planet who are deeply interested in them? If the aliens are visiting so frequently, why not take all these people to their planets, show them what's out there, and thus, help us become free from all doubts about their existence for all time.

Anonymous said...

Project Camelot????

What there trying to do is fantastic but can anyone really take those two seriously.

There are a couple people on that panel that are extremely legit, but place them next to Project Camelot and they loose there creditability!!!
Sorry i may sound harsh but im a big supporter of the Discloser project and to be taken seriously we need serious people running it.....

bw said...

Kerry and Bill need to learn to shut up let the grownups talk. They are so taken with their access to their blowhard "whistleblowers", they have lost all credibility, at least in my book. It's time to take this subject seriously. And Project Camelot has jumped the UFO shark. Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

I wish Bill Ryan would at least stop wearing that atrocious hat.

Anonymous said...

Well at least they are out there asking the questions and pushing this touchy subject.

Just wish she could keep her mouth shut occasionally, as she sometimes interupts when it gets interesting.

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