Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Secret Irish UFO files revealed in recent British Ufo release

Somg very interesting reports are coming out of the UK MoD's recent Ufo file release which reveals Ufo encouters are taken seriously by the governments of Ireland and Russia:

The sighting took place on March 31, 1993 at 0105 GMT when two
objects were seen streaking across the Irish sky. Frantic callers swamped local garda stations with panicked calls as the brightly-lit objects shot across the country.

The Irish Government is reported to have despatched jets to monitor objects but they - obviously! - could not keep up with the UFOS which were flying at about 3,000 mph.

The UFO file says they believe that people were witnessing the re-entry of a Soviet launch vehicle after it had catapulted a Cosmos 2238 satellite into space.

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nanotope said...

spaceship debris fall ! D'ont run from figther-jets !
But in this times Lockheed-Martin SR-71 still a secret plane and easely match 3000 km/h.
I think is him.

Niall said...

... or it was a UFO. Which is actually a paranormal phenomenon, the 'demons and fairies' of the modern age. They are projected into our reality from a "less physical, more fluid" world that encompasses ours. The only question is... who or what is behind the curtain?

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