Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Britains new Ministry of Defense UFO Files release gains worldwide media attention

The release of the UK's ministry of Defense new Ufo files has gained worldwide media attention.

The new reports feature the most important Ufo case of all time in the Uk -
the RendleSham Incident from 1980 (click here to learn about it). While some of the mainstream media is trying to play down the new files (big surprise) by linking increases in Ufo reports at the time corresponding to increase of alien movies (which is ridiculous), the most important facts are being overlooked :

More startling evidence supporting the RendleSham Incident - the landing of a triangle based Ufo on the grounds of a military Airforce base witnessed and documented by over 30 military staff!.
Would like to hear your feedback from the new files. Click here to view the files yourself
CNN -skeptical but genuine concerns about the Rendlesham incident:
FOX does have something useful to say for once on the the Rendlesham incident:

More on this In the news:
Minister warned over 'UK Roswell'
A former head of the armed forces told the defence secretary a UFO claim known as Britain's Roswell could be a "banana skin", newly released files show ...

Ohh here's another interesting extract from one of the files:
UFo Fires laser over cemetary:
A UFO was seen hovering over a Cheshire cemetery before firing laser beams, according to a police log released by the government.
The sighting was made by a young man on his way home after a night out in Widnes on 15 July 1996.

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Anonymous said...

They all say the same :
"X-Files & Inde' Day ..."...
Strange, isn't it ? ;)

Anonymous said...

These diclassified shitty document wont change a goddamn thing! what does these document do? nothing exept of being old and not interesting for the mainstream give me a break how many stinky files they have release so far? this is big farce and not what i called disclosure..and please put off this obama banner on your page about you ufo will he tell the truth?? obama have done nothing but shit so please put this off...

markymint said...

Good stuff, but Rendlesham being UK's "Roswell?". No thanks, I hate that. There was no crash at Rendlesham, just the triangly pulsey orb alieny thing floating about. And loads of these things have been seen near RAF bases, so it's not just a one-off. The account from Wales where something "crashed" behind a hill and military rushed to the scene is far more "Roswell" like.

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