Monday, August 17, 2009

Orange UFO over Brisbane, Australia, 15 Aug 2009

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It appeared three times on the same evening (Sat 15 August 2009) flying over the north-west suburbs of inner city Brisbane, doing a half-circle towards the CBD.

Through my binoculars I could see it was a steady orange light (no red flashing flight light). I know it looks like it's blinking in the first part of this footage but that's the camera lens not being able to cope with the atmospheric distortion. About 3 mins into the footage it shows it was a steady light (and no, it's not a star - it was moving and I'm not a moron).
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rob said...

Guelph, ON, Canada,
15 to 20 people on my street, neighbours and friends, watched about 7 lights looking about the same size and colour, no blinking, all about 30 degrees above the north horizon, moving roughly east. None of us had seen anything like it.
I found this: and this
which seem to describe similar phenomena.
I don't know the exact time, but it was between 11PM EST August 15 and 12:30AM EST August 16.
Good that you got a video. I think my neighbours may have one too, but just from a cell phone.
I've never thought much about UFOs before. I have no idea what these might have been.

bigtiger68 said...

Wow Just watched about 40 of the same thing( orange lights changing to a more red)going from the north to south between Ningi and Bribie island..rang a friend on bribie and confirmed..Flying about as low as a light plane but rather much sound..seemed to be gaining altatude as they went toward brisbane and brightness seemed to slowed down while two others overtook..amazing

Anonymous said...

My partner and I saw the same thing over Brisbane airport last Tuesday at about 6:20pm. It was too high to be landing or departing and was directly over the top of the airport heading out to see slowly , no flashing, no noise and orange in colour. I have an app on my phone which shows planes and helicopters in the area there was nothing in that area. It just disappeared after a few minutes really weird!

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