Monday, March 01, 2010

UK MOD to destroy all future UFO reports !

The timing of this just doesn't make sense - The UK Ministry of Defence has decided to shut down its Ufo reporting hotline just as Ufo reports soar. What do you think is the real reason behind this shocking decision?:

The Ministry of Defence will destroy all future UFO reports it receives so it does not have to make them public, a previously secret memo reveals.
Britain's official UFO investigation unit and hotline were closed down at the start of December.

Since then reports of strange sights in the skies sent to the MoD have been kept for 30 days before being thrown out, the newly released policy document shows.

This stance was adopted so defence officials would not have to publish the information in response to freedom of information (FoI) requests or pass it to the National Archives.

The memo, dated November 11, 2009, sets out the MoD's reasons for shutting its UFO unit and ceasing to invite the public to send in details of sightings.

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Anonymous said...

So what.

Sacha Christie Infomaniac Housewife said...

They are going to Destroy reports after 30 days which means we need to nuisance them on a weekly basis.

I am a UK researcher and have written a blog on how to address this situation. the main reaspon for the lack of interest from the MoD is the fact that the USAF has them over a barrel and in their strategic master plan have the MoD being pulled into line with their joint force directive for the weaponisation of space. Veiled threats intimating we won't be afforded such luxury as we have so far in using US satellite equipment for gps and communications etc... As far as not reporting ufos to MoD is concerned... this is an alternative where we can still maintain the scant statistical data of ufos reported.

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