Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bright rhythmic lights over North Hungary and in Slovakia 1st March 2010

Did anyone in Hungary see those bright lights the other night ? - if so please respond. Its unlikely it was a meteor shower as the lights pulsed nationwide in the north for some time.

People in parts of North Hungary and in Slovakia have experienced unusual sound and light phenomena on Sunday night. The rhythmically repeating sound and light occurrences were heard and seen in the large area from Kassa to Záhogy, but the majority of observations were registered in the Ózd, Kazincbarcika, Miskolc and Putnok area.

According to people's descriptions, authorities thought it was a meteor shower, but the area over these phenomena were experienced is too large and no craters have been found neither. Furthermore, people saw a white light, but the light that can be seen at the time of a meteor shower is red. Another possible explanation is that it was an unusual meteorological event, similar to Polar Lights, but that is never accompanied by any sound. As the explanations above do not seem reasonable, it is also possible that it was an UFO. The Disaster Management is still investigating and looking for people who have witnessed this mysterious phenomena. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

madmod72 is a known hoaxer.

he frequents disclose.tv and posts there alot (or at least used to).

utterly worthless.

Anonymous said...

And God ask the next Human in the waiting line that goes to Heaven or Hell. What was your life on planet Earth. The Human said , I am a Hoaxer.

Anonymous said...

This is true I am from Hungary this was really loud and bright and flew over the sky like a meteorit

Bathtub said...

Looks uncannily like lightning. I wonder if the sound resembled thunder?

Anonymous said...

The lower right hand corner is covering over something. Hiding something . The humans and lies , lies and more lies.

Anonymous said...

It does look like lightning.

Anonymous said...

hello hungary. this is earth, welcoming you to the 21st century. there is this thing we like to call a rainstorm. sometimes during this rainstorm we like to put on a show called "LIGHTENING AND THUNDER"

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