Monday, March 01, 2010

UFO, globe of light, OVNI, prague 28/2/2010

Flashing globe spot the 28 Feb. 2010 in Prague, over the city, amazing shot ! must watch. Ufo avvistato a praga. UFO Prah
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Anonymous said...

seriously i dont know why people cant film correctly i mean i dont know if this guy is drunk or what

Anonymous said...

Many signs and wonders.

Anonymous said...

This person is riding a camel , listening to UFO music. Lucky for the rider , had video camera so as to get airplane landing light. Have you people lost your minds. Every Wing Nut and Fruitloop on planet earth is being contacted by 'Them' . O yea' you know who they are , they'v been talking to you , O yea' sending you secret messages.

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