Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ufo news recap

A quick recap of recent Ufo news reports from 2010 and late 09
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Anonymous said...

A piece like this, with all the 'editorial' captions, such as 'open your eyes - ufo's are real' cannot be taken seriously as a compilation of EVIDENCE. It is the production of someone with an agenda, and there is no substantiation of anything presented. As such, it should have no place on this site.

Anonymous said...

The thousands and thousands of UFO reports. We , the humans and the aliens , we should be all bumping in to each other and having crashes in the sky. Yet no one can prove any thing. The general public around the world takes no action to prove any thing , they only point and make grunting noises.

Roberto said...

HOLA AMIGOS : Deseo compartir con ustedes ,esta foto tomada de un OVNI, durante mis vacaciones en Villa Giardino (CÓRDOBA ,ARGENTINA) el 11 de Enero del 2006 a las 11:21 AM ,con una cámara digital Canon A-95 (5 mpixel) en modo automático. . Muchas gracias.




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