Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gorilla seen on Mars ? - what the?

Its likely some weird camera angle from some rock but nevetheless i have posted this for your entertainment and discussion:

Some space buffs reckon it is after seeing this picture sent back by a robot vehicle probing the rocky Red Planet for signs of life. Enthusiast Nigel Cooper - who has studied thousands of photos taken by Nasa rovers and posted online - said: "It's definitely a creature of some sort." Mr Cooper, 43, of Grimsby, Lincs, added: "I'm convinced there is life out there." Source - the Sun
The 'Gorilla'
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Corey said...

this is very obviously a rock. the shading and texture id consistent with every other rock in the photo. the shadows are polygonal, not smooth and rounded as would be seen on an animal. furthermore, the "creature" is not reacting with the rover at all; it is not looking at it. such an advanced creature surely would have been aware of such an anomaly right in front of it. the human brain is made to recognize facial features such as eyes and noses, and can pick out a face from almost any textured surface.

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