Monday, November 15, 2010

Missile over California came from foreign Submarine?

The California missile story is staring to unravel as people challenge the governments explanation as simply a contrail. 3 star General Thomas G.McInerney said "That Is A Missile Shot From A Submarine!". If so this brings numerous national security and safety issues for americans :

George Noory comments:
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indevalley said...

Simple question... this is a VERY popular flying route in to LAX. I live at the beach and you can see a plane flying in every 3 seconds. If it were a contrail from a plane, why didn't we see another one a few moments later and then another and then another? I have lived here in Venice for over a decade and seen tons of planes coming and going and yes, contrails...but this was not a contrail. Also, why in the world would a helicopter pilot (who flies those skies VERY DAY), take an interest in a contrail? You don't think he sees that all the time? I am suppose to believe an experienced pilot for freaked out by a contrail?

I read one theory which scared the hell out of me, and should scare all of us because it makes the most sense. There was a whole story on 60 Minutes a few months back about cyber terrorism and how Russia & China have been hacking in to our military systems (and we have been doing it to them as well). What if this was just a hack, hence why the missile was sent out to sea and not to land. A way to show the US that someone can gain control of our missiles. Though this would certainly be the biggest proof that it can be done, it's really not far off than what has already been done like the hacking in to at the Pentagon and other military installations.

That scared the pee out of me. Cause THAT would explain why the government would deny it and say 'we didn't do it'. Cause technically, maybe someone else did.

It was no a plane.

Anonymous said...

I still think its not a plane!
and I also think there is very good
reason to be concerned!
But the answer,may not be all that easy, or we would have known by now!........

Adam said...

All that footage from this vid and the one directly before it on this site...and WHERE is that object that streaked from left to right across the video when the video was first shown on the news. Look back at the first vids from the day this happened and every video shows a dark object streaking from left to my mind, the fact that this object is missing is the bigger story now.

Adam said...

With all this footage (including the video directly above this on on this site), WHERE is the dark object that streaked across the video from Left to Right? The original footage of this shown on the news has an object steaking across the video. The fact it's no longer there is more of a story than the missile contrail now!

Anonymous said...

I lived in L.A my whole life..I saw this was Indeed a Missile!! I SAW IT!

Anonymous said...

china launched a missile from their sub. Got this from a very reliable source

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