Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mount Adams - UFO followed by Jet

a new one from Mount adams one of the most active Ufo hotspots int the world at the moment.
November 12, 2010 - 10 people witness an orange and white spherical light passing over ECETI Ranch Mt Adams, followed by a jet. The following day (November 13) - 12 people participating in a workshop witness 3 black jets flying over the ranch twice.
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Michael said...

Yea... No doubt about this 1. Genuine and pretty crazy

Anonymous said...

The light looks me like a satellite or the ISS.

The jets are not F-16! They are F-15 (not interceptors and not in a interception formation).

This is not a UFO video at all.

Anonymous said...

How does a plane going in the opposite direction from this moving point of light equal "chasing?"

Headlines should match what transpires in the videos. The bait and switch tactics of the site are increasingly annoying. Why not be a clearinghouse for high-grade material instead of pushing pointless and misleading videos like this one?

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