Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ufo over San Francisco International Airport 11/16/2010

New Ufo report from San Francisco

Posters comments:
MUFON unedited witness statement)11/16/2010 - I live 10 miles NW of San Francisco International Airport, near the Pacific Ocean. I was in my backyard looking up at the jet aircraft on approach to SFO Airport and I was star gazing. I was testing my new IGen night vision video camera when I saw this UFO fly overhead (without sound) about 500 feet high. It was heading South on this Friday night at 6:30 PM. I was able to capture about 20 seconds on video tape. I knew it was not a normal aircraft by its shape, light configuration and absence of noise. It had no strobe lights, no red left wing nor green right wing light and was flying below the 1500 foot flooring in this controlled airspace. It was moving about 300 MPH. I lost sight of at as it flew far away. Yes, it was a UFO! This was not my first UFO encounter. I have seen many different types flying over San Francisco the past 2 years and now they fly over head almost every night. I have a collection of UFOs from May 2010 thru Oct 2010 on video tape using a .001 Lux 15 FPS camera. We are not alone and there are many different types of UFOs up there. Hope for clear skies and more sightings. NOTE: To see video better, you may have to increase your computers brightness, gamma and contrast settings, as the video is a little dark.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder!if some of these sightings
could be of Earths ORIGIN!?......
Could explain the nomber of sightings!

Anonymous said...

It goes where the camera goes, which tells me it's not 'out there'.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a UFO (or orb) today january 7, 2011. I live in south city near SFO, the UFO came up from san bruno fast then hovered slowly over near south city....i had my point and shoot camera to capture some video, but it didn't come out too well. I had a feeling it would come back and sure enough about two hours later it did!! Got my video camera this time and took some nice footage! waited again for it to return, but it hasn't come back :(

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