Sunday, November 14, 2010


A series of very close lights together in the Sky over Los Angeles busies airport - LAX

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Date of sighing: Nov 12 2010

Location of sighting: LAX, LA, California, USA

I was watching the live web cams again and caught sight of another unusual sight on the LAX live cam. Now seeing something flying above an airport is no big deal, but this has been over the airport for over three hours! It looks like a very long UFO is over LA right now as I write this. If you visit the live cam below, you will see it too.

The four lights in a row sometimes turn off and on, but if these lights are a single UFO, then it is over three city blocks long, in comparison to the skyscrapers below it.

These four lights move in unison slightly up or down, but usually slightly left or right. They never move from being in line with each other. That is why I assume they were a single craft.
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Anonymous said...

Lights from stuctures in the mountains behind. Look at a daytime view and it's obvious. Nothing exciting here.

sid said...

I know ..every time i see UFO's in NY..they change the camera angle!
Thes earth cam people actually watch all these live content?!? how can they be bothered to do all that ?

Anonymous said...

thats prett weird. funny enough if you go to the abc website, the web Cam with the ufo has been taken down and is no longer running. All other webcams are up and running. Coincidence?

Scott C. Waring said...

There is no mountain behind it. It is LA, we only have small hills, not the Rocky Mountains.

Also on Dec 6, 2010 (today) I saw the same UFO but closer this time on the same LAX web cam. My name is Scott C. Waring and I made the above video. It is real and was made from screenshots of the LAX cam. Wish you had seen the one I saw today. It was so close and over the freeway.

It was five or six orbs that moved into a wing formation, then some would leave the formation, then they would form a triangle formation, then some would leave formation and they did this again and again for several hours today. I saw it from 19:00 until about 23:00. Really cool guys, I tweeted and facebooked and mufoned all of the info while it was happening but only a few on Twitter said they saw it. :)

Keep your eyes to the cams!!!

Anonymous said...

It's clearly the lights on Mt. Wilson. You can easily tell by the orientation of the new Ritz Carlton and the US Bank tower- we're looking NNE from somewhere SW of the city, maybe past USC. Draw a rough line from USC through downtown and it points to Mt. Wilson, where there's lots of radio towers and lights at night. Like the other guy said, look at a daytime view and it's obvious.

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