Sunday, March 13, 2011

High Altitude Airships similar design to Large Triangle Ufos

I was sent these amazing images of the large High Altitude Airships made by JPAerospace. The huge V Shaped Ascender as they call them bares a striking similarity to the large V shaped Ufos often reported. Im not sure if these prototypes have been flown at night but it is a interesting co-incidence that these man made craft actually exist. Click here to view this animation of how the huge V Shaped ascenders are meant to work. I would be interested to know if Ufos inspired their design at all ?... Your feedback appreciated on these interesting images.

Images from  JPAerospace.


Anonymous said...

Well this just adds to another ufo
sighting, to mill over,but it won't
shoot off in the blink of an eye, like the real thing, will it?
It could be handy up there, keeping an eye on the sky, for Matt!? lol..interesting!?

Anonymous said...

The delta shaped craft I've seen cruising at high altitudes are fast, and pull maneuvers that this dirigible could only dream of.

Michael said...

This thing could definitely be responsible for a good bunch of the Larger triangular UFO sightings of recent, especially if it has fixed red lights across the bottom. However, it doesn't explain sightings of HUGE triangular crafts dating back as far as 30 years ago.

John Powell said...

These are prototype for hypersonic vehicles. The fastest inflatable 'V' that I know of (not one of mine) flew mach 8 back in 1964. Not a classified program btw.

We are about two years away from our first mach one vehicle.


Anonymous said...

WOW, a balloon moving at over 5000 mph over 45 yrs ago - Well, let's see-
It would have to support & stand the weight of several non existent propulsion systems (which back then would amount to large super heavy jet engines), weighing in at 10's of tons.
So, that would amount to a balloon the size of New Jersey.
Then, it would have to be constructed with...oh forget it -
Where does this silliness end?

Anonymous said...

It was the IMP program. Look it up. It flew.