Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anyone see that Ufo recent in Boca Raton Florida?

If anyone can shed more light (or also spotted) the recent ufo sightings in Florida please respond to this post.

BOCA RATON, FL--Residents in a Boca Raton neighborhood say they looked up Monday night around 9 pm and saw a mysterious green light.

Ryan Helfrich says, "this thing was going crazy zig zagging, like shot across the sky. That was unbelievable! Like nothing I've ever seen before."

He says someone could have been flashing a green laser onto a balloon or something else floating in the sky.

But the teens say, what they saw was real.

They feel there's no way a laser could have done the things they witnessed.

According to Helrich , "there's no way this is a hoax. I know it looks like a hoax cause it's just kids, but it's not a hoax."

It's not just kids who saw this, Boca Raton police say one of their officers also saw that green glow and called his supervisor to report it.

Not sure but i think this is the Ufo
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1 comment:

Stephen said...

What's remarkable about this? It's just a point of light - could be anything. As far as I can see, all the light sources shown in the video are green.

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