Friday, April 29, 2011

Backlog of planes Charles de Gaulle Airport spark Ufo reports

Apparently a backlog of planes circling around at Charles de Gaulle Airport has sparked Ufo rumours. The close formation does seem to look like a triangle Ufo at one moment.What do you all think about this video?
If you live in the area please let us know if you have further information:
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Anonymous said...

You can see they are planes but they do seem awfully bright.

Stephen said...

Well, they're definitely planes and it's hard to see how anyone could think they were anything else. Hard to know if this was a 'backlog' - probably either a busy time or they'd been in a lengthy hold due to adverse weather.
Many so-called 'triangle ufos' are misinterpretations of similar situations, in my view.

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