Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Missile Satellite launch over Uchinoura Kagoshima Japan 4.24.2011

Apologies for not posting earlier. I received numerous emails over the last few days to post this one. Filmed apparently over Uchinoura Kagoshima Japan 4.24.2011. Did anyone over Japan actually see this? I have unconfirmed reports on this one so far.
Its likely a satellite of missile launch apparently filmed over Japan.
If anyone has further information on this sighting please respond to this post.

Zoomed in
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TheGuv said...

Clearly a missile launch, the staging is quite evident. At dusk, as in this case, these can very very dramatic in appearance.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt this is a missile or satellite launch. UFOs don't need to create jet or rocket contrails, and the way it spreads out is because of high altitude low air pressure. That's the way they ALL look. No doubt what so ever.

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