Friday, April 29, 2011

Ufo sightings over Euclid OHIO

Interesting new Ufo report here in from Euclid OHIO. If you live int he area and aslo spotted this please respond to this post.

EUCLID, Ohio -- For the sixth consecutive night, Eugene Erlikh said a bizarre series of lights flickered outside his apartment building window. [i]"It gets bright, bright, bright," said Erlikh, 20. "Different colors and then it gets dim and as soon as it gets dim, it starts moving from there, this way."

Erlikh said the unexplained light show has appeared in the skies over Lake Erie for six nights and his friend, Nick Hausen, was also a witness. [i]"At first, I figured it was just a star but the way it would move, it would move so fast, I've never seen anything like it."
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Starchilld said...

I live in Cleveland, and I saw a similar object come back three times last night over about 1 hour. We are coming out tonight with our cameras to Lake Erie. What beach are you at?

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