Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strange Cigar UFO reports in from Brazil and UK

Two Cigar UFO videos submitted around the same day which is unusual.
It may be some type of ballon and i would like to hear your comments on what you think the object was:
Filmed over Uk

and Brazil 28th Spetember:
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ozzy said...

ufo's are real but this is a balloon. a solar balloon to be exact.this was exposed as such last month.

Anonymous said...

Ye i seen a black cigar shape object at manchester uk .after watching it my 1st thoughts where it was a very big baloon going of the speed and the direction ,

Anonymous said...

i seen one of there over manchester uk few months ago and going of the speed and direction id say it was a very big black balloon

Bathtub said...

Tube-shaped solar balloons are a possible explanation. See this link for example:

Anonymous said...

I live in south-Brazil, judging by their accent, they're from the south too, and I have to say, Solar Baloons are pretty unusual here. Honestly, I didn't even knew these things existed and what they're used for.

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