Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tailless Ufo life stealth probe launched by US Navy - X-47B

Its Triangular, tail-less, unmanned and can hover - not its not a Ufo but the Navy's new X-47B stealth probe:

The U.S. Navy reached a new milestone for a futuristic new stealth drone when it successfully retracted its landing gear and flew in cruise configuration for the first time, engineers announced Tuesday.
Developed by Northrop Grumman, the X-47B is a tailless, strike fighter-sized unmanned aircraft designed to take off from and land on moving aircraft carriers at sea. New images released today depict a futuristic, almost UFO-like vehicle.

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Randall said...

People have been saying for years now that the US Government has been back engineering crashed alien craft. I don't get it. Just look at this latest new craft X-47B from the NAVY. Come on folks, get it together! It looks nothing like a flying saucer jeez. Where do these crazy ideas come from? Ha Ha LOL

Michael said...

It comes from accounts from former airforce pilots, engineers, officials, employees & high ranking officers accounts of encounters w/alien technology in area 51, as well as credible eyewitness accounts from countless highly ranked/established parties whom (at 1 time) had access into area 51 & recounted experiences of witnessing reverse engineered aircraft being tested. Not only did they see aircraft, but supposedly, a good deal of our modern tech is derived from recovered/discovered alien gadgets. It's not just made up nonsense dude; do a little research & you'll see that no matter how silly YOU might think it is, the evidence to suggest that the US military/& government have been working w/alien tech for decades inside area 51 is overwhelming, & would produce an open & shut case in any court of law

Michael said...

Google the interviews w/former air-force Col. Billie Faye Woodward, physicist Bob Lazar, Sgt. Clifford Stone, & retired ARMY officer Robert Dean; Those are just a few of the dozens of credible sources who've come forth w/incredibly detailed & corroborating stories suggesting extremely valid evidence to support AREA 51's status as a testing facility for recovered/discovered alien tech. Laugh all you want man, but you're making a joke out of something that's pretty fascinating & holds tons of validity; that's exactly what the forces who work so hard to keep this information want you to do. You're assisting in the cover-up, not the disclosure by bringing that mentality into the discussion panels.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Michael!!...well said.

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