Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strange burning Ufo seen over Australia ?

Strange burning object seen over Australia October 2011.
Some believe these burnign objects are the burning of fuel reflecting in the sun
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Randall said...

This looks like the same video you posted a few weeks ago.

I'm going to lean more towards this object not burning fuel. It's clear enough to recognize that whatever is happening it's causing a wake to form around the object. Similar to how a boat creates a wake.

Maya_Man said...

This, and many other videos just like it, is a high altitude jet. The contrail behind it is catching the sun's rays and seemingly glowing. You can see this near dusk and dawn during clear skies in almost every major city just about year round.

Greg St. Pierre said...

Looks like any of a dozen other airliner contrail videos I've seen: low angle of sun, jet headed away from viewer, contrail looks compact from this oblique angle.

James said...

I hardly see that this could even be mistaken for a contrail, not saying it is UFO or anything either, but it is not a contrail. Unless commercial airliners have started being equipped with after burners.

AscendedONE said...

Im convinced.We are all becoming aware of this day and age. I strongly believe that we as human beings need to tap back into our roots, the deepest origin and bring our senses back in tune with the cosmos. UFOs are trying to warn us. the recycling/rebirth process is very near.

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