Monday, October 10, 2011

Forgotten Sarcophagus reveals alien skull child ?

An Abnormally large skull discovered on child in a recently re-discovered Sarcophagus.
This story was sent in by a reader you are welcome to read more about this one here.
Would like to know your thoughts on why the child had such an unusual head?

I remember on Ancient aliens they did said egyptions had a history of 'wrapping' the skull to make it elongated to look of a higher class. However a large skull on a child is not possible from bandage wrapping as it takes time for the skull to elongate. He was likely born this way.
Some assume that many of the egyption royalty had infact a genetic trait like Acromegaly (giant syndrome) as many had unusually large skulls - like the head of Pharaoh Akhenate:
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Anonymous said...

Surely you aren't suggesting that this is an actual untouched X-ray are you? A grade school kid could produce something more believable than this thing

Randall said...

Could this be the smoking gun we've all been waiting for?

Anonymous said...

I smell hoax!

Chris said...

The X-ray shown of this mummy's skull does not show any abnormalities. The skull of a child this age would look the same as any normal skull. Children's skulls at age 3 or 4 yrs. old usually begin to change somewhat at a little later age. This is based on an infant's skull elongating to fit the birth canal when being born. It would be in the process of changing. No alien....just a young human..... Jane [email protected] owner/mod. Egypt and Beyond

I think this latest comment from the DM explains it well enough.

Michael said...

Actually no Chris; The Egyptians often depicted their Gods/Goddeses w/elongated skulls exactly like the abnormality this child exhibits. It's a common belief the Egyptians used a technique of wrapping their heads tightly in dressing which would cause their skulls to grow misshapen like this in the hopes that they'd please their Gods & Goddesses by mimicking their appearance, other's believe they were genetically different/altered, or it's a result of severe deformation. Ancient Egyptians often depicted the pharaoh Akhenaten(& his entire family) with extremely enlongated heads. Many members of the 18th Dynasty were depicted/discovered w/the elongated skull or the dolichocephalic heads; this's nothing new, & not a natural shape/common occurrence in children today by any means. In fact, the level of Elongation exhibited by this specimen's extremely rare, & resembles what's depicted in the infamous princess Nefertiti sculpture, in which she appears w/a misshapen skull that almost seems extraterrestrial.

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