Friday, January 27, 2012

Strange glowing object Russia January 23, 2012.

A new report from Russia:

Posters comments:
Halit Safin, a famous photographer in Ufa, January 23, took video of an unusual glow. He phoned a friend and said that in the sky above the street in the Green Grove Kuvykina hours from eight in the evening flickers something unusual. Halit, a child fascinated by UFO, arrived at the place at midnight and filmed on camera lights with shirokofokusnym lens:
- As the photographs drew attention to the colors of the object: blue, green, red. A friend stayed in his car to follow the object, and I went home for a long lens to look at what it is. The lens I bought to watch the stars four years ago, here's the first time there is a need to use it in practice.
When Halit returned to his seat, glow in the sky is still maintained, but declined slightly. "I looked through the lens of the neighboring stars, they shone like the object", - said Halit.
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Kim West said...

That is something I've never seen before! Great catch! It almost seems vortex like, rotating like it does.

I'll be curious to see if anybody else saw it or captures any others.

Greg St. Pierre said...

Whatever it is, it's cool. I want one.

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