Friday, January 27, 2012

Ufos in daylight Ireland

UFO sighting in Ireland January 2012
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Michael said...

Too many red-flags; the person filming never says a word, adding comments has been disabled on YT, & the orbs wouldn't be that difficult to recreate by even a novice visual effects artist. I'm calling shenanigans

Bathtub said...

I don't know what to make of someone who invites comments and ratings but diables comments on their You Tube posts. Whose other clips include examples of CGI, an aircraft, and sheer nonsense. Or who stands around outside with an apparently aimlessly directed camcorder which eventually zooms in on some apparent lights in the sky, only to zoom out again to show us a piece of patio furniture. As the poster says on You Tube, wtf.

Eagleheart said...

Yeah weird that adding comments has been disabled on all videos in this person's account if i recall & the way he is shooting is just weird. Why ppl make hoaxes. What's the point.. :/

"Want to know the Truth"

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