Monday, January 23, 2012

Ufo lights over Buckinghamshire on the 22/01/12

Ufos over Buckinghamshire

This very interesting sighting occurred in the chiltern hills in buckinghamshire on the 22/01/12 at around 17:45 lights may have been there prior to our sighting! This is 100% genuine footage recorded on the iPhone 4 cam the camera caught much more than we were able to see with our own eyes at the time! The lights appeared from as low down as 1-2 hundred meters above the tree line of the hills and as high as 6-7 hundred meters may be higher! At least 8-10 different unidentified objects are displayed in this short video! Apologies for having to cut the footage short, we were parked in the middle of a small county lane unfortunately was met by a couple of cars coming up behind and had to leave. Enjoy the video and please send in your comments and show your friends! Many thanks Jeff & Rudi!
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Bathtub said...

I've seen no other reports of this particular sighting, but there have been many similar ones in that area recently which have been confirmed as Chinese lanterns - in a variety of colours - released from a local wedding venue.

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