Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ufos over Medway Kent this weekend

A red glowing orb was potted over Medway Kent this weekend - did anyone else see this?
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Anonymous said...

I saw exactly the same last night (22nd Jan) in south Devon, UK. I think it was around 8pm, I didn't actually check the time but it was before I put the kids to bed... I thought it might be a flare but it looked exactly like the light in this video.

ruffy said...

ufo sighting over medway, kent
1 june 2012 2:20AM
bright orange light traveling in an eliptical path taking at least 3 minutes until it dissapeared
it seemed to come directly toward our house from ssw, it was very bright, then it moved fom right to left , right across in front on my house about 2 nautical miles i would say , then swung back around in a sse direction. It didnt accelerate or change height. kinda like a lantern but in my opinion it was way too bright.

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Anonymous said...

hi i'm back , how about this , I saw a while back kent bought a spy drone, maybe its this doing a test flight as it is in costand deployment over kent as many other areas now.

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