Monday, June 04, 2012

NASA's Edgar Mitchell - Roswell Was Real!

This is old news, but it still hits home today - share this with your family and friends.
Famous astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell told FOX News a few years ago, that he knew people who were involved in the Roswell incident and from this, he knows that Aliens are real.  He also states that the whole incident was a clandestine government cover up.
If you think about it rationally, by coming forward to the media like this, Dr Edgar Mitchell put his whole reputation on the line...there was much to lose and there was nothing to gain. It can only be truth that motivates efforts like this:
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Anonymous said...

ouch yes! very strong minded Gentlman, Dr.Edgar Mitchell..when Fox News, got a bit foxy with him
and he replied: "I don't care what they think,you wanted the news or not?" Would this suggest, that Fox News, approached him,for the story?..Never the less, he DID front up! & like you say, put himself & reputation on the line,for what he believes is the TRUTH!..YES! Truth motivates the effort, ABSOLUTELY!! I have the video...but you know? SOME! don't know who he is...dam it!!
to my surprise,not every ones cup of tea...........

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