Monday, June 04, 2012

Strange Triangle UFO Ovni - Nr Rome Italy

Please look at the UFO video in fullscreen - do these navigational lights look like those of a normal plane or helicopter ?

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I have no idea what could be, three lights in a triangular structure, we do not see a structure that seems to fly close to the lights, I is not 'a normal plane or helicopter, was not making any noise, the noise in the video and' the sea.  Filmed over Central Tyrrhenian Sea resort near Rome 'Passoscuro
Italy Time 3:25 am 2012/06/03 

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chink said...

what cam u got m8

Anonymous said...

North Dallas... I just watched something like that "float" through the sky. The reason I say ride because there was no noise, not flying like you would normally think. It was close enough to where if it had a vacuum cleaner running on the outside you would have heard it.

If the craft was terrestrial then we have some sort of awesomeness that I never heard about!

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