Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mass UFO Sighting in Michigan 10/07/2012

Michigan UFO sighting reported on July 10, 2012:
Note: If you also saw these lights in the area please respond to this post whith a description of what you saw, thanks.

On July 10, 2012 residents in several towns across northern Michigan witnessed a massive fleet of UFO orbs hovering in the night sky. The military has claimed the lights were flares being used in a training exercise. This is a ridiculous explanation of course since the orbs never descended to the ground and maintained a precise formation. One of the witnesses said: "It looked like it was coming straight towards us in the sky, and once it changed directions, that was the odd part, that it changed it's course." Flares don't changed course. These orbs are obviously intelligently controlled. Not flares.
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Anonymous said...

Bs! Not a training exercise.

Anonymous said...

Good enough for the 95% of the public.

Anonymous said...

Don't you get this feeling, that the 95% of sightings, that is said
to be explained away, is much less
than 95% we're told! I mean,this report on the "Flares" being what was seen,IS ridculous!! As it was said: Flares don't change cause!?
but what does? that can look like Flares?....UFO.Orbs? not Flare!

Make that 94% explainable & 6% ufo:)...if this sighting of UFO orbs is a good example of what we're talking about.Flares don't change cause! So what did?........

jeff davis said...

I was salmon fishing with 2 friends and 2 of my kids just off presque isle harbor when we saw the lights twice. Once at around 8:30 in daylight. The orbs were not in a straight line paralell to the ground and did not shimmer or flicker out. They lit all at once in a pattern some closer together and a couple farther out. Some were moving and sweeping around. When lights were gone there was no jet nearby and it was daylight and no rumble of jets. Later at around 11:15 in total dark the orbs were orange and appeared very close in comparison than the first sighting. They lit all at once and moved formation and then single and double orbs appeared. They did seem to appear like they were getting closer and then disappeared one by one and no jet sounds or lights again?

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