Sunday, July 15, 2012

UFO Lights Above New Zealand - West Auckland: 14/7/2012

Calling anyone in Auckland New Zealand! Did you also see these strange lights recently?

Posters comments:
At approximately 8:45 pm on the 14th of July 2012 we went outside and looked at the night sky to see what appeared to be a fleet of ufos. They were around 20+ in number or more, traveled in a line formation and glowed orange-red. We tried to record as best possible with our camera and then lightened the footage with Windows Move Maker. The lights rose from the ground up and over the sky and disappeared around West Auckland area. They were not Chinese lanterns.
 The lights on the ground are house lights and street lights and the left hand side large light is a street light and with tree reflection however some of the ufo orbs do appear flickering in the sky above and you can also hear our reaction to seeing this. At the end of the first video recording we also witnessed a black orb moving in a totally different direction towards the ground off into the distance where we stopped recording and tried to take photos of it.
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