Monday, July 16, 2012

UFO Video: California 2012

An interesting UFO video from a few months ago.
Filmed over Los Angeles, California this was brought to my attention by a reader:

Poster comments:
This object left with direction to los angeles this ufo was in the air for more then 3 hours
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Anonymous said...

amerikkalainen ufo,...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blimp to me.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a blimp or something in that catagory used for advertisement.

Anonymous said...

too good to be true....

Anonymous said...

Too good to be true??

So if you were looking at the real thing...would that be: "Too good to be true???"

If you were looking at a CGI.
would that also be: "Too good to be true??...We know what you mean,
but you, your self, must admit that
we need clear shots to identify what we're looking at.We get this in other aspects of life,but when it comes to UFO.its:"To good to be true!" and we seem to hold this attitude, that if it is of poor quality,then there must be something to it,and it must be real!...Well to me!? "REAL" needs to be "CLEAR!!!" and the so called
CGIs. left as a "Judgment" by those who think they can. I mean,when you think about it,some of these video sightings, are probably CGIs. anyway!? But yes! not all! Remember,95% of sightings can be explained away,some of which are CGIs..In other words:Too good to be true! I don't like this phrase,because it can rule out the
GENUINE Object!...just because its
TOO CLEAR TO BE TRUE!...thinking it could be a CGI. It might be REAL!?...and it might be a CGI.but at least,lets have it CLEAR! one way or the other...RealClearUFOs:)
At the end of the day, no matter what you do...the People are the Judge & Jury.............

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