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Readers Personal UFO Sightings

Our readers personal UFO sighting submissions for July 2012. 
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Queensland Australia 16th july 
At approx 7pm on 16th July 2012 a family friend and I were discussing some strange lights that he and his family had watched moving in the sky over Moggill QLD. My friend pointed out one of the lights that had been stationary for over 15 minutes, as we talked the light began to move in an easterly arc across the sky, grow dim then dissappear. Prior to this there had been three lights in total, about the same brightness of a star in a tirangular formation, they would flash like a torch light, then move into a line, then back out into a triangular formation, eventualy two moved and dissappeared, leaving only one light. I have no explanantion for this, it was dark and the sun had set so not a satellite, nor was it any aircraft as no navigation lights present.

Cornelius North Carolina 4th July 
Formation flight of three orange glowing silent objects above Cornelius, NC Video:   

Last night, July 3rd, there were a lot of people in the neighborhood shooting off fireworks. There were sparkles all over the sky in my neighborhood. (makes me wonder if all of these things are legal) but I enjoyed watching them. At one moment, probably about 10 pm, as the sky to the east of me was lit up with sparkling fireworks going up rapid fire and exploding into lights, I saw one light just underneath them that was just a continuous glow not moving up but moving from south to north very fast. It was about maybe 10 times as large as the other sparkling lights and didn't go out. I immediately realized this was something flying. I thought "could it be a helicopter?" I see a lot of helicopters and planes flying by from time to time and when they are at a height that you can barely see them, you can hear them loud and clear and there was absolutely no noise other than the screams and pops of bottle rockets and other fireworks. I don't know what it was. I have never seen anything odd in the sky that I can't explain before, so I find this kind of exciting. The size of the light was big enough that it was a little bigger than the sun looks during the day but it wasn't any brighter than the fireworks. The light was yellow and it moved very fast. It passed through the sky where I could see it in a matter of less than a minute.

USA July 2010
Sitting on roof of house, sky watching with husband. a globe the color of a light bulb, but a basketball could fit inside this globe. a tiny satellite behind it, winked out, after coming over the trees. globe moved slow and low. as it got over the road, it winked out too. a few days later. husband was on the roof. I came up about 10 minutes later. he said to turn around quick and look. same globe topping the hill across the road. but, he did not see it cross the sky as it was bright. we keep watching, but has not seen it again.

On Flight  Singapore to London 
April, 2008, on a flight from Singapore to London seated in cattle class on the left side of the aircraft and in a window seat. At 3am Singapore time, and flying at 989 Klm an hour at 11,000 mtrs over the Indian/Pakistan border, noted an intermittent flashing red light, like a strobe but quicker, which appeared to be in cloud formation at the rear of the aircraft. What got my attention with this light was the jump in height it seemed to take every time it flashed. One second it would be level with the aircraft until it flashed and then it would appear to be thousands of feet below. On the next flash it would then be hundreds or thousands of feet above the aircraft. It was weird! But what really got my attention was when my wife, sitting next to me in the middle seat, pointed out a white almond shaped object which was keeping pace with us, but was positioned more toward the front of the aircraft and I believe in a position where the pilots would have had a great view of it. This was a classic disc shaped object which was about the size of my little fingernail when I placed it against the window for a size comparison. It was completely lit all over by a dull white light which would pulsate brighter every two or so seconds. I also noted at this time that we were above overcast which was quite thick and every time the object pulsated the light it generated would light up the cloud underneath! I was totally fascinated, as was everyone else on the aircraft who were watching it. This was the fourth sighting in my time and the best, as it was the closest. The object stayed pacing us for about ten minutes before slowly picking up speed and moving off. Interesting, that while this was going on the cabin crew made themselves busy by pulling down the sunshade on some passengers windows. However they didn't try it with me. I also got the impression while watching this fascinating object, that I was being watched by someone or something in that craft! I have no idea if the red flashing light and the disc shaped craft were related. That can be anybody's guess.
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Anonymous said...

I was the other person in the Queensland sighting. Whilst I believe in UFO's, and think that the human race would be arrogant to think that we are the only intelligent life in the galaxies, I have always had a small lingering doubt. Last night changed that forever. I have no idea what the lights were, but there is no way on this earth they were a weather balloon, asteroid, plane, satellite or any other thing the government can come up with as an excuse. They were in my mind they were a vehicle under intelligent control. I've got a gut feeling, and my gut feelings are never wrong....something big is coming.

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