Saturday, August 18, 2012

UFO Lights - Yuma, Arizona: 15/8/2012

Sightings of multiple UFO lights over Yuma, Arizona. The event occurred on the 15th August 2012.
RealUfos would like to here from anyone who saw these lights firsthand.  Did they look like flares or something else? Please post a reply if you have further details or more video on this recent sighting.

Posters comments: Somerton Arizona Calm night and Random un explained lights appeared in the sky. for a cuple of minutes. They dissapeared and came back. People say they are Flares, but PEOPLE come on! flares always DROP down these where still and moving in ONE direction. Besides, Military DOES NOT TEST any flares near a Town in wich that might be VERY dengerous. WEIRD!
Second witness video.

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Anonymous said...

This is nighttime manoeuvres being performed by the nearby marine corps station. This is not a ufo it is the marines. It has been widely publicised. Do you not do your homework? Do you think the public are stupid and don't l look at other s ites.

Anonymous said...

In the first video:
The first 3 together lights = we see 1 central spot,
and we see 2 strobes at the tips of the wings. . .

The whole thing looks VERY much like
a plane in its "base" leg for a landing,
THEN it turns right for the "final" leg.

The lights after that, are more planes getting in line
behind each other, but they are far away.

Blue skies.

Oscar Ballard said...

I think it's likely one of the new play toy's of the well-to do techno-nerds!

Randall said...

Anonymous is absolutely correct.

For years there's been a genuine mystery of UFO activity but it's very clear in this video that the lights are flares.

In these modern times you don't need to have a wide range of military knowledge to understand this. Just go play Battlefield 3 online or campaign. You can find me on xboxlive Battlefield 3 with RTJWILDE MX

To see some amazing footage go to

Anonymous said...

Come everybody knows flares look different than this.
Though i'm also kind of seeing the plane, but im not sure

milezcoyotee said...

Iseen it 1st hand, my police officer dad saw it(while on duty and got the call), my family and local neighbors saw it jus above our cocopah reservation somerton az. We have seen harrier jets (also heard) before, quite familiar with the parachute flare drops, and we know for sure it was no military exercise of anykind. Isaw strange lights formating and descending a formation that appeared to form a base for a ufo craft of individual crafts. They swayed left and right and never elevated up or down. Military jets come screaming towards it then it disappears. Another appear and this sighting most of somerton saw. The military said they used harrier jets to try and explain this,but they also say they only traveled were they think people may have seen the sighting which was in yuma but really they're were multiple sightings that day august 15 2012 yuma az. Which brings a conclusion of a conspiracy that we are blinded to see because by todays propaganda and influential groups such as illuminati. And it was weird because before it finally left, it did series of light patterened flashing and vanished. Ihave a lot more and a lot more reliable witnesses and a few conclusions myself but most of all we know why they came to yuma from tucson, we know it came over in a dust devil from tucson and manuvers in the monsoon over somerton az, Flees and resisting pursuit also why it stays in persuit instead of surrendering its intelligence over. Its a big story, and it even exposes Obama for who he really represents. His advances in technology cannot be credited as his work. Like the osama bin laden death, he claimed too much when he just sighned a paper to order his death, the navy seals are the true murderers of bin laden. As of high tech, it can give credit to the Gootan alien race(look then up), for their ingenuis agenda to dominate. This is actually the beginging as one might call it. Or one might say even say "End of times". I prefer the term apocolypse. Work with mehh I'm onto to thiss.

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