Sunday, August 19, 2012

UK Air Traffic Control Confirms - One UFO A Month!

Head of UK Air Traffic Control Richard Deakin, is responsible for making sure over 6,000 flights move safely through the airspace every day. During an interview with the Today programme's Simon Jack, he was pressed about whether his staff encounter unidentified flying objects - UFOs:
His response?  "Yes, at least one (confirmed) UFO a month". For the head of UK Air Traffic Control to say this is BIG, as he would be going by evidence such as radar confirmations or pilot reports - both of which are highly credible:
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Lawrie Masson said...

This is great news! I can see disclosure is getting closer and closer :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, but what he meant was that those unidentified radar return were most likely from Russian or US spy planes. Your headline is misleading.

Anonymous said...

Yes!..Highly incredible!! I would love to hear THAT, on our TV.

You would NEVER hear the word UFO.
Well!..maybe once in three or more years!?but not a subject that is
readily talked about on TV. up front & out in the open on a regular basis...and it should be!!!

And why is't it? because it has that unbelievable stigma about the subject,like the:"LITTLE GREEN MEN"
Its not taken seriously enough to
be able to talk seriously about,
for some YES! but for alot, NOPE!
For those, whom are interested, is where it begins & ends with no more
anwers than the questions that can't be answered just yet!?

But they're out there aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Umm no cause the UK traffic control must also keep frequent contact with the military. What he meant is that there are times when no parties know what it is.

Anonymous said...

I really should get a compilation of all the times when UFO/alien was mentioned, it was a laughing stock. We want to search for life with higher intelligence yet hypercritical when looking at these examples. Not sure what the joke is.

Anonymous said...

Now we're left in a quandary,as to
what he actually meant,with one a month on Radar, that wasn't identified!?...UFO? or something else??........?

Anonymous said...

HA!!..."Laughing stock???"

Well what do you expect? goes with the "UFO/alien" territory!?
It just another typical example of
what Ufology has to puts up with!?

To sum it up in a word: GREEN!!?

Anonymous said...

Spy planes are interesting UFOs to me.UFOs that seem to behave unlike any possible spy plane are even more interesting.Good to hear at least they admit to detecting unknown craft.One of the best reports of the UFOs over Washington DC in 1952 was from an air traffic controller at Washington International.

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