Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mexico City - the reason why ufos are always there ?

Hey guys,
I did some further research extending the aquifer / ufo theory to another well known ufo hot spot - Mexico. It turns out that mexico city is built over one massive aquifer !!- so big infact that it is the main water source for the city, accounting for near 80% of the total water supply. This would surely explain why so many ufos are possibly attracted to mexico ? - anyways i just find the aquifer link to ufos very interesting.

The Valley of Mexico (chalk aquifer regions -green):

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Antonio Ribera, from Spain, talked in some of his very interesting books about the orthotenic net, wich is a web of energetic radiation related with the magnetic field of Earth. Castaneda also described something like that perceived only for the animals or humans in altered states of awareness. We don't know anything on our own world. We need to learn quickly.Greetings,

Anonymous said...

it's possible that something is wrong in the water..

Anonymous said...

It's a possibility, but then again, if they are really interested in water, why don't they just go to the middle of the pacific/atlantic.

Mexico has alot of pyramids and huge structures, my bet would be that it's more related to that than to water.

But that's just my guess.

Anonymous said...

likewise acupunture points on the human body, where the "chi" is flowing, Earth has special energy points, vortex or so. At this points things going on. Visions , abductions, sensations, etc.
Perception is different for each specie. Bees dont see the same landscape than us...mmm
We have no reasons to believe that our perception is complete and absolute. Think about.

Anonymous said...

Abductions are probably done by the government, not the aliens.


Lich said...

Mexico city was build on destroyed by Spains around 1521, Tenochtitlan: capital of Aztec imperium. Maybe its some clue because ancients dont build pyramids in random places. Surely it was important area, where could be source of earth powers or was seen "Gods" from sky (aliens)

Anonymous said...

Energetic tensegrity alignments exist with our bodies, with the earth and with outer space. Stars and constellations help create specific alignments, and ancient structures are often built on key locations and in patterns that symbolically mirror the heavens on earth. A 'shaman's blow' can (and has been) applied to the heart centre of the earth. It is not suprising that aliens, like allies, would align with these streams/ strings.

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