Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ufo Hunters Episode 11 - ufo dogfights

Ufo Hunters Episode 11 looks at ufo dogfights between army planes and ufos:
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Anonymous said...

The reason they don't disclose is because people actually buy it when they say, "We don't investigate UFOs."

For security, they'd have to. If something is unidentified and in their airspace, they'll investigate:)

Then again, judging by the response time of 9/11, maybe not..

We're little organisms living on a rock in space. Judging by the size of the universe, logic would dictate that, yes, there is a lot of life out there. And the fact it doesn't just come and knock on everyone's doors suggests life of our kind is quite prevalent throughout the universe. It's nothing new.

Even if one doesn't believe many of the ET stories, the reality of life being an imperative of nature and not a fluke seems clear.

So, for all of you who spend a lot of time waiting for someone to stand up at a podium and tell you "ET is REAL" don't hold your breath. Instead, find your brain and realize you shouldn't need the TV to tell you.

It's there. Probably a lot closer than you realize.

Anonymous said...

Plus, humans have evolved for their conditions on Earth. So, our science is limited to the ways in which WE are able to interact with our universe, which is why staring at video tape is nice, but unfortunately, you're probably only seeing 1% of the picture. It's like the whole "Dark Matter" theory.. Scientists realizing that the true limits to understanding the universe lies in the obstacles of having evolved human. We're wired to see only a wee bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure "aware" comes in many grades.

Lich said...

Keep in mind that secret projects are olways +50 years forward to official known possibilities. So things which seem to be impossible right now, could be known long time but keep in great secret. Its like shown moon orbiter to Wright brothers. So in my opinion there is chances that such obiects was man made. Ofcourese some peoples will say that we are too stupid to invent such thing and it must be inspired by alien tech from Roswell of something. I mostly believe in UFOs which was seen thousand years ago, they surely was not ours.

BTW i like that energy weapon to disable electronic, very effective.

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