Thursday, April 17, 2008

Predicting where Ufos & crop circles most likely occur - the aquifer connection

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I have been asked the question so much recently - why are there so many ufos over places like texas and why are there so many crop circles over places like wiltshire in the UK? .It seems that sightings seem to concentrate over particular regions on earth. Ufologists are actually aware of this and believe there is a geological explanation for this - aquifers. Ground water also known as aquifers are concentrated under certain regions in the planet. Its not just any aquifer that attracts ufos however, its mostly the chalk or those aquifers rich in minerals (explained below).In the UK it is in the london basin and in the USA there is a large aquifer belt under Texas. Infact, in the UK 98% of crop circles appear along the chalk aquifer line which runs from Dorset to Norfolk (london basin below)
In the USA you can see below that there is a large aquifer belt (in yellow) that runs right underneath texas. The texas aquifer belt is mostly a chalk and sand aquifer which is the type of aquifer that is meant to attract ufos. Hence this may explain why ufos are seen so often over texas.

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So how do the aquifers attract ufos ?
Well It appears that a combination of underground water and Earth energy currents is what attracts the ufos and crop circles. The answer only becomes apparent when we think in terms of energy. "Pure water will not transmit an electric current...the greater the content of dissolved and suspended matter in the water the greater its capacity to carry an electric current." (see "Living Energies" by Callum Coates.) The water contained in chalk aquifers are heavily-laden with minerals thus making them highly-conductive conduits for the energy currents coursing through the Earth. Electromagnetic energy, just like electricity, will rapidly make its way to the best conductor around. So this is why ufos (which may somehow be recharging from the earth energy currents) are attracted regions with chalk aquifers on the planet.
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Anonymous said...

this is very interesting, but would be good to see some hard data

Lich said...

Maybe UFOs in such regions are some kind of earth energy (similar to lightnings buy come from ground)But am not sure its alien ships which recharge energy in some places, there is no proof that lights on sky have material form (they could be just balls of energy)

About crop circles i have different theory: vibrations of earth surface. See this video for example: Cymatics DIY Experiment

This could be true because few witness encounter strange noises around circles. Ofcourse there is also possibility that someone used sound/energy generators i mean maybe aquifer areas are much easy to put into vibrations which in result create shapes on ground? But its just theory.

Anonymous said...

It's a theory, but I think you can come up with a better one. Why there aren't so many crop circles over texas?

-- IsraeliSkeptic