Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UFO Footage China 2005, fake or ball lightning ?

Very strange ufo appears before lightning strike, could be ball lighting i guess, or some reflection - what do you guys think?
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Anonymous said...

sadly this one is a reflection for sure.

Lich said...

I think its true and was probably "experiment with lightings" this ball of light is rocket shoot on sky with attached metal line (and maybe flare) They are used to catch lighting. Its very high chances that lightning will hit that line send into sky by small rocket. With possibility to storage such energy we could take it just from sky, unless already its very dificulty.

Anonymous said...

another light in the sky. are you sure the term realufovideos.com is aptly named... you always are asking people if the video you just posted is fake or not.

Keep posting videos of light in the sky, and people keep saying it's a fake, and even if it's legit, who cares... it's a flippin' light in the sky.

I vote you do not post any UFO videos on this site anymore, that are just lights in the sky. The first prerequisite should be that you actually see, at least part, of the UFO structure.


Lich said...

I think 99% encounter ufos are lights on sky :)

Anonymous said...

note the yet again comments from the guy who attacks me the blogger not the post - something is up here guys!

Anonymous said...

Could be just a tower that was knocked out by lightning

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