Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stanton Friedman's Explosive Revelations On UFOs

ufology owes alot to stanton friedman, this is a great documentary - Stanton Friedman's Explosive Revelations On UFOs :

pt 2


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Anonymous said...

I have way more stuff than this site just by having a couple of subscriptions on youtube.

99% of all videos on this site come from youtube, so why not get it directly from the source.

Anonymous said...

no probs by me,
go to youtube then!

LEAX said...

hmm how is it that US havent already killed Stanton lolz

Anonymous said...

They haven't killed him because contrary to the belief of most conspiracy believers the US and other liberal democracies aren't into willful murder.

If Friedman had information that was so damaging to his country's national security that it would be worth killing him over then I imagine that as a good citizen he would voluntarily keep it to himself.

Not out of fear, but because it may be the right thing to do.

nick dk said...

Any how...u gotta love that man :)

LEAX said...

yeah he is mine favourite too

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