Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of Ufo Season for 2008 ?

Hey Guys,
As we approach September and the seasons start to change i think we are moving out of Ufo Season in the North Hemisphere. This Years season has been heavily active particularly in the UK , where we have kind of had a flap of Ufo sightings.

Anyways will keep you guys posted when any new stuff comes up. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Is there a 'UFO season'? When is it? I must admit vids on youtube have dried up apart from the numerous daily stupid hoaxes. Hopefully we'll see one on the 14th of October... On telly! Any idea when the NZ season is?

thegavino said...

You think it would be better over Winter. Clearer skies and all but whatever. Thanks for posting stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Its obv.

Aliens is just 2 skinny 2 withstand the cold and thats why the only fly here in the summer.

Semvhu said...

With all their technology, you think they'd throw in a heater in their space ships.

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