Sunday, August 24, 2008

Project sign ufo evaluations

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Anonymous said...

Please explain why you repost so much, I really don't get it.

Noobs always can check the archives, so saying it's for them is pure bs.

If there's nothing new, don't be ashamed and don't post anything, don't start re-posting your entire website in a matter of time, please.

Anonymous said...

I for one had missed this clip and even going through the Archive is no guarantee that the old youtube clip is its good to find new uploads and repost them.

Could be wrong but I think it also helps keep the website at the top of google having new posts and topics each day.

But hey if you have seen the clip before just don't watch it?

Give Matt a break at least he is always looking for new material.


Tattie said...

So it is a repost.
If they post nothing people will wander away and look elsewhere.
But maybe a repost flag should have been shown.
Keep up the good work.

vomatron said...

i missed it too so STFU

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