Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ufos , Police and abductions?

Sounds all weird but interesting
Could ETs have abducted a man who then had a heart attack then place him back on earth?
The Coroner said this was the strangest case in his 25 years history..."if UFOs were found to be the cause of his death, I would only raise my eyebrow half way up"
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Anonymous said...

That's pretty freaky ....

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of supposition there. They said that the green substance could not be identified? At all? That, I think, would be the biggest news in the world, having a substance that bears no resemblance to anything on Earth. Seriously, it has to be a silicate or a protein or an organic compund of some kind or SOMETHING. I'm sure that it's composed of something that can be identified, at least partially, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Something serious is happening: floods, earthquakes, forest fires, disappearing species, Gustav and a whole set of nasty things. Someone is trying to say something to us through crop circles but we are unable to understand it.

We have to stop ignoring extra cosmic visits and signals and see what is to be done, collectively.

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