Monday, February 09, 2009

Beyond The Blue movie - coming soon?

Ok i got this wrong people,
Beyond the Blue the highly anticipated sequel to the Out of the Blue movie is still on the drawing board... After organising the major national press club event in 07 which had many key speakers to talk about Ufos nothing much else was heard about the movie till now ...
When James Fox the producer of the movie said the movie is 'being shopped' he meant he's still looking for funds (not canning it) or a studio to produce it with :
On december 2008 James Fox said:
Well the time has finally come; Beyond the Blue is being shopped. There is nothing available on our website until further notice. Please check back for updates with our new film. Thank you all for your continued support and keep your fingers crossed!
Very best,James Fox
I am not sure what he means by 'shopped', does that mean produced or shipped?......
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Anonymous said...

Shopped means its being shopped around for potential distributors. He is looking for funding.

Anonymous said...

Checkout Fox from last Dec 08 on the Paracast:

Movie might be going for an international movie theatre release - also rumoured that he has Halt's other tapes from Bentwaters.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, but I just emailed James yesterday! He didn't indicate that there was anything negative going on with the film. Here is the email:

Hello James. I hope this message finds you well. I was just wondering what the up-to-date info about Beyond the Blue's release was. Any takers yet?
I am hungrily anticipating its release as I'm sure you are as well.



James' response:


It's almost there and appears to have a lot of interest

Keep in touch


Anonymous said...

He means it is being shopped in looking for a distributor.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the info.

Looking forward to this one.


Daniel said...

I guess someone or some people are not allowing the movie to get in the market.
it's just taking too long. connect the dots.

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