Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheesefoot Head Crop Circle Incident

Here's the latest from Colin Andrews Website exposing the truth after 20 years about what happened at Cheesefoot Head:

What happened to Pat Delgado, Colin Andrews and a team of crop circle researchers at Cheesefoot Head, England, on 18 June 1989, reached the highest levels of the British government.  

Everyone present experienced or saw something unusual:

* Pat - "I Levitated and was pulled backwards by an invisible Force. I was terrified".
* Colin - "I had a real job to break Pat free from the force".
* Rita - "I saw the head of a small ET".
* Busty - "I observed Colin and Pat moving backwards, Pat at an angle".
* George - "I asked the sound to make a crop circle. One formed nearby that night ".
* Terence - "The barometric pressure and temperature dramatically dropped".
* Ron - "I saw the dark outline of an entity in the sky over the group".
* Ken - "Mike and I heard this strange sound from the highway".
* Steve - "The sound was clearly interacting".
* Don - Became unwell and left before events unfolded.

Operation White Crow was the first organized crop circle surveillance operation.   It was planned and conducted by Pat Delgado, and Busty Taylor in June of 1989.  We decided to muster this project to see if we could strike lucky and film a crop circle being formed. Aspects of the events that unfolded have been written about in journals and books and told in lectures and interviews. However, this is the 
first comprehensive account.

The location we choose was Cheesefoot Head, near Winchester in Hampshire, England. Cheesefoot Head is a natural amphitheatre where we had been finding crop circles for years. In fact, a previous farmer stated in a letter to me that circles had been occurring on this land since 1922.  This field was personally significant to us as it hosted the first circles that Pat saw in 1981 and the first circles I saw, a set of five in a cross formation, in 1983.  

source - read more from Colin Andrews website

here's a documentary of what happened:

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