Monday, February 09, 2009

The Orion Conspiracy

Not to be confised with my recent post on the Orion project , this new movie the looks at evidence of the new world order - 'more than fifty years of disinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better':

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Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something which u may find hard to believe but it is i believe one of the most shocking things to have ever been hidden from humanity.

That the confilct of so many nations in world war two came about as the result of the discovery of the remnants of highly advanced technology/s of unknown or undetermined origin.

Basically it was fight for control of this technology not for land or wealth like so many previous wars,which is why the technology and its very existence is denied and is shrouded in secrecy to this day.

After all what government is goin to stand up and say: we instigated or contributed to the deaths of millions of men women and children just so we could have exclusive control of the exotic technology and knowledge which we had descovered.

Something which i might add belongs to all of mankind not a select few.

This technology had been discovered by expeditions sent to various remote places on the globe only a few years prior to the outbreak of WW2.Coincidence?
I leave that to your judgement.

Things did not go quite as planned however as there was only supposed to be one "winner" of the war one country to emerge supreme and therefore have total control over the greatest discovery of mankind to date.

The americans had believed that germany would crush russia hence they did not strike germany as hard as they could have they waited for germany to expend its resources defeating russia (3rd biggest player).

And whilst they waited the americans developed the atomic bomb which they had planned to use to take out the 2nd biggest player (germany),as they had assumed she would triumph over russia.

However as history shows even the best laid plans can go awry.

So now what we have in the world and what we have had ever since the end of WW2 is an alliance of sorts that was hurriedly formed between america and russia as both sides knew a drawn out conflict between them would result in both sides losing not to mention near global annihilation which would profit noone.

Of course this alliance had to be hidden or questions as to why it existed would be asked hence the illusion of an "uneasy peace" between them was created which funnily enough to some extent became true because whilst they collaberated together to unearth the secrets of this knowledge and technolongy they were also in competition,wheels within wheels as the saying goes.

This deception was further enforced by the subsequent smokescreen of the cold war.

If u want "proof" of what im suggesting just look at what happened after WW2 almost exclusively betwen russia and america,the sharing of captured scientists and technology which these same scientists had developed in germany which was far more advanced than anything the allies had developed or any other nation for that matter.

It is my belief that the germans had made the discovery of remnants of advanced ancient civilizations and not just in the form of ruins but actual technological artifacts,including written knowledge which had been amassed by these civilizations.

Now im not suggesting other countries expeditionary teams hadnt made similar discoveries but perhaps it was the germans who took the initiative so to speak.

It would explain why they seemed to be decades ahead of others with various technologies.

This would have been approximately between the late 20's to late 30's.

So instead of choosing the more enlightened path of revealing this to the world and together in peace exploring the possibilities this discovery presented mankind,the people in power decided to war for control causing the most horrific conflict in our history.

Which is why they will continue to conceal the truth for as long as they can.

I have written this to let them know their efforts to conceal their crimes againts the entire human race will not remain hidden.

People globally have felt for a long time now that governments are hiding something big from them,well this is it take it or leave it.

The truth is indeed out there,u just have know where to look and what ur lookin for.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous poster.

Although you're bringing a fascinating story to the table, the claims you're making have no proofs whatsoever.

When it comes to German superiority in technology pre/during WW2, this can be explained by the strong tradition of fine German engineering. The Nazis had advanced combustion technology and excellent rocket engineers, which of course they would have since they converted Germany into a war machine. Hitler prepared both his country and his campaign towards world domination many years before he started executing his plans. This enabled him to, among many other things, plan a great number of research facilities.

Some questions. If the Nazis indeed had possession of this ancient technology, why didn't they use it or show it off? If your claims are right, shouldn't the Nazis have some kind of advantage in the war? Kinda silly if the Nazis didn't get any advantage from the ancient technology and still attacked about every country in Europe and northern Africa.

Anonymous said...

I think u will agree that proofs of what im suggesting are going to be extremely difficult to obtain,given the nature of the subject.

We all know how carefully governments hide things from the public,but something of this magnitude...

With regards to ur question as to why the Nazis didnt use or show off this technology, well u dont unleash the bear until he is good and angry.

Basically they had not had sufficient time to fully understand how the technology worked and how to use it,i mean what point is there in "showing off" somethin u dont fully understand or know how to operate.

They had less than a decade to study what they had in their possesion.

But i do believe they had sufficient time to attempt duplication of elements of the technology using the current technologies of the time and had the war lasted another 6-12 months i believe the tide would have turned decisively in their favour as a result.

If you are still doubtful let me pose u this question:

If we were to stumble upon a flying machine from the 25th century how long do u think it would take us to fully understand all of its components how they work etc given that it has been created by people 4 centuries ahead of us scientifically?

And i am being generous here by alloting only 4 centuries not to mention that we are far more advanced now than we were in the 1940's.

Tony said...

When you consider Operation High Jump and the theories surrounding it's real reason, it supports the Orion Conspiracy. Why would the US Navy send a task force to Antarctica just to test how well they do in the cold. Wouldn't you just send one ship to collect data...DUH!

So from 46-47 they had 13 ships and 4700 men down there doing what? One theory is that they were there looking for Nazi bases with the intent to wipe them out for good. But even before I heard of the Orion Conspiracy, I thought perhaps they found something in the captured intelligence from the Nazis that led them to Antarctica.

Perhaps it was a combination of both.

Also, my theory about out current occupation of Iraq is that there i something ancient there and we needed to secure it.

And that is also my theory about why Pakistan and India fight over Kashmere.

The Nazis explored all over the world in search of what has been called occult knowledge. Well, in the classical sense of that word, they are correct. They were searching for ancient civilizations and the clues to their suppose advanced technology.

Now think of this The Germans & Italians were allies. In 1940 the Italians invade East Africa then Egypt. Then in 1941 the Germans sent Rommel into North Africa. Now the obvious is that they wanted to secure oil reserves. But it's fun to think that the expeditions that Nazis previously conducted had uncovered something that they thought was vital for them to win the war, hence invaded the area with a massive force.

Either way, it's a fascinating subject.

Anonymous said...

Well i guess the nazi had really advance technologies in the time when the war began. they set up alot of reserch centres around the world studying diffrent things at a time. on of those things is to use the air space for their advantage. if they had made something so diabolical in the air the nazi would of won the war long ago my friend. but time was with in the essence. they didnt have enough time to complete there project and so it stopped. it could be true that the nazi found some ancient machine so advance to this day, and has proven that a couple of thousand yrs ago aliens had visited earth for a reason. and these confused people thought that they were gods. so they made drawings monuments in honor of them. the nazi found something but didnt want to share it with the world. what was it that the nazis found 30-40 yrs ago and why is the government hiding this thing from us now?

Anonymous said...

i belive in your theory it all makes perfect sense to me and ihave thought about this subject for a long time.i think we will not find out the truth because i think those in power are afraid if we know then it would disrupt the calm and every day life of us all that they created.i dnt trust in governments i never have i think ther about 30 years or more ahead of us with technology just look at the things we have now i belive they had this stuff in the 80s

J said...

Hey Tony.

You should look into the looting of the baghdad museum right after the war started.

May shed some light on your theory.

Anonymous said...

Why now people want to talk aliens everybody.afraid now lol

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