Friday, February 13, 2009

Ufos and the Moon

Here's 2 Ufo videos - both with objects passing by themoon

Have posted this one before - but its such an interesting video , any comments people on what these objects could be?
poster calls them "UFO with pulsed light bursts"
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Anonymous said...

its a shame this man didn't get a tripod for christmas!

nick dk said...

These sightings has got nothing 2 do with the moon.

The moon just happens 2 be on the recordings.

I guees this is the same error as the "Triangel UFOs" when u only see 3 dots in the sky


Anonymous said...

1st one....
And you have to laugh
"Extraterrestrial evidence"
Something reflective but as usual to far away to say what it is.
2nd one....
Jeeze, leave your piggin zoom alone and look at the stars!!!

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