Thursday, February 12, 2009

UFOs Videotaped over Lancashire UK 7th Feb 2009

New reported sighting from Leyland, Preston near Lancashire (near where that windmill incident happened the other month):

Location of Sighting: Leyland, Preston
Date of Sighting: 7th February 2009
Time: 19.30
Witness: Martin Heald

Witness Statement: I went out into the back garden for a cigarette and saw 4 x extremely bright UFOs approaching and going over the houses in my street. They were at what I would estimate to be an extremely low altitude and flying in a staggered formation under definate intelligent control. These were definately not Chinese lanterns. There was absolutely no wind at all. I would stake my house on the fact that there will be plenty of witnesses in the general Leyland, Preston area to these objects. I managed to get them on film as well. The time was 19:30 and the sighting lasted around 4 minutes.
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Rachael said...

I have just seen the exact same thing tonight over Leyland coming from 2 directions. No way could have been lanterns as 4 or 5 followed the exact same path in each direction. Have about 3 photos.

Rachael, Leyland.

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