Monday, February 23, 2009

Freaky little Et Filmed in Peru ?

Ok i usually steer clear from such things but i found this little object quite strange and it was reported in the reliable site UfoCasebook .. any thoughts on this one people ? hoax or not?...

Extract from source:

Editor's Note: From a personal standpoint, I am posting this report reluctantly. Quite a few of our readers have written and asked me about the video below, and the truth is, I can't say for certain, but my first impression is that it is another hoax. If any of you can sway me the other way, send me your opinion, and I will consider it.)

UFO activity in South America seems to have reached new heights recently with reports of sightings becoming almost a daily occurrence. Many are convinced that a secret UFO base exists somewhere in the region, possibly disguised by a lake. A disproportionate number of UFO sightings do seem to involve bodies of water in this part of the world.

Now a video that might contain footage of an actual Extraterrestrial is making national headlines and causing a sensation amongst UFO and alien hunters in Peru. The video was taken in the Santa Rosa de Quives region of the Canta province. The area is considered to be holy to Peruvian Catholics and a place where people come to pray for miracles.

Every August 30, a pilgrimage takes place here and it is believed the video was shot at that time last year, however only made public this month.

The creature depicted in the video is being referred to as Quives Man. The story has been covered by Perus Capital Radio and Panamerica TV station as well as Channel Peru. A group of ufologists in Peru have carried out an analysis of the video and claim it contains a real alien. The Peruvian government and scientists are looking at the video as well.
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Anonymous said...

"video no longer available" ...

so i guess it was real - scary

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why was the face blanked out?
Could they not afford an alien mask?
But "IF" it is real, it is nice to know aliens have beer guts too!

snoopy said...

another video that brings no evidence but rather puts the phenomenon in a bad light. first there was the "whitch on a broom" video, then the famous "alien hand coming from behind a pillar" or the little, cute, "alien in the window". all unclear, easily hoaxable videos. they are so easy to fake that I think we shouldn't be paying so much attention to them.

Anonymous said...

This is a super-fake.

Anonymous said...

An alien "Pinhead" huh? It's difficult to get much out of this one - but more than enough to cast a S-E-R-I-O-U-S doubt that it shows a little pinheaded stardude moonwalking across an open area in the background. To me, it looks like a remote control feather duster attempting to clear the cobwebs from the consciousness of the super-gullable. Hey, don't ROTFLMAO, I'm bloody serious.....or NOT~!
It is either a hoax or a walking feather duster - and I've never seen a walking feather duster.
Having said that --
I want to add that I am an ardent believer in the reality of UFO's & USO's, and have been since childhood (age 12) when I witnessed both, in the skies, on the surface, & beneath the surface of the deep waters off the coast of the San Juan peninsula, in Puerto Rico. I saw all of these within a 2 wk period. These experiences had such a profound affect on me that I spent the next 35 yrs devouring every morsel of research data that was available to the public (and some that were NOT available to the public). So I have an EXTENSIVE working knowledge of this phenomenon - extensive enough to state that this video clip might show a moonwalking broom handle, a remote control feather duster, or a 1000 other ridiculous & non-existent "thingy(s)" - but what it does NOT show, is an alien [EBE] in any way, shape, or form.
Oh, and to the Anonymous guy above 'Snoopy' - ahh, I don't think that they were referring to the reporter as being the alien. Look down and to the right, at about the 4 o'clock position. Geez, what a cheese~!

Anonymous said...

The video clip is so bad I did not even see the alien!
Cheese or not.....
A shite vid is a shite vid!
And pull yer neck back in, this site is FULL of experts!

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