Monday, February 23, 2009

strange Intense Light - Ufo ?

Any thoughts on what this strong light could be people?
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Anonymous said...

i saw a similar light outside my back door last night. i thought it was venus, the brightest planet visible in the night sky, but this was NOT a planet, as it maneuvered side to side, back then surge forward. it was not a plane, nor any unexplained object i've ever witnessed. being a psychic, there's not much i have not witnessed over my almost 40 years being involved w/ the supernatural, but this was a first for me. i watched this brilliant light until i was too cold to stay outside anylonger. i was mentally trying to communicate w/ this immense light, and got the sense that it was one of the watchers, here to keep an eye on the planet...kind of like a monitor of sorts. it was quite cognisant of my presence, as after i bade them goodbye and went inside, i went out several minutes later, and this luminous splintered light was gone. all of the other stars, milky way as well, were visible. the light which had encompassed so much of the sky and out shone all stars around it just vanished. so to quote the phrase, "we are not alone, and the truth is out there"...

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